I need internet badly. Blogging from my phone is not cool, so not cool. My upstairs neighbor has internet, I might ask her for her pw and give her $10 because internet is a necessity.

On to current events; my entire week is packed full of things to do and I have no clue where and how I'll be able to afford/pull this all off. Check out my agenda:

Monday & Tuesday: work
Wednesday: coffee with a client turned friend
Thursday: work & FINALLY checking out the Academy of Science's "Nightlife" event with my girl Alexia.
Friday: work & dinner with my bestie, Maggie who's been slammed with nursing school. Finally get to eat some delish Cheeseboard and discuss life.
Saturday: work and clear out closet to make room for the BF who arrives next week.
Sunday: BLOGGERS MEETUP! @ SFMOMA YBCA gardens at noon. Never been, but excited to meet up with all the lovely ladies again. Come join us!

Then, obviously, Thanksgiving is next week so I'll be slammed with work and family dealings. Excited, yet expecting what always happens on this particular side of the fam...sitting in front of the big screen,, not football, but the Food Network.... |side glance|

In other news, I'm having a rather hard time not buying a million new things such as:

+Leather to the knee boots, preferably the Miz Mooz military boot in black.
+A million new black tights; I always seem to need new ones since I rarely, never, ever, wear jeans.
+a new leather jacket...apparently, leather doesn't stretch as much as I thought it would...I bought a XS leather cropped moto jacket a year ago, and have since ripped the lining in the sleeve...oops.
+tons more pants. I have these amazing IKKS pegged pants at work that are killer. Its temptation every day.
+a couch because my apartment has ZERO seating...ZERO.
+a dining set. I only need two chairs and a small table but I can't seem to take the plunge to buy it.
+a coffee table. I found this rad trunk that has the world map on it in this rustic color collab of cognac, chocolate brown and beige. It would be perfect for me because I want a coffee table that has storage too.
+cable...enough said.

Money's tight, that's for sure. Paying this crazy rent by myself is and will be difficult but I'm willing to sacrifice, for the sake of love....LMAO.

Oh and to my previous post, the spiders have gone away and now its the daddy long-legs. But I've decided to keep them around. They kill the ugly bugs that shouldn't be residing in my home anyway. And that bite on my leg is better. Went to the doctor and luckily, there was no lancing involved. Just some antibotics, which have killed my bite. :) The maintenance team that handles all the issues in my complex, are amazing. They've added an additional rod to my walk-in, fixed my heater, my stove, everything. So much happier in my new place.

A huge, huge thanks for the loyal readers. I know there aren't a bunch of pretty pictures to look at, but hopefully some of you will find words just as lovely. ;)