I haven't said much in light of recent events. I've really haven't had a moment to process, to digest or understand the latitude of what has transpired in a week. 

But, I want to share my thoughts, my feelings, my honest perspective since the internet sort of exploded with my face, my words, my reaction. I promise you I'll be sharing, just give me a few moments to gather my thoughts. #KCOOLTHX

With that said, I just want to leave you with something that has struck a chord for me, when it comes to how I want to continue, how I share, who I am. I've written a mini series of being vulnerable and why I find being so, an important quality to possess but also to revel in. It's one of my favorite traits about myself, to listen and understand who I am. I want my vulnerability to be the gateway into an absorption. Having a guard is such an easy front and something I think we all, men and women, want to pitch forth rather than be our truest selves. And, something I've learned more than anything else in the past seven days is to REVEL in the vulnerability of the truth. You never really know what's waiting for you on the other side. 

Can't wait to share. xo

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header photo by Chelsea Cooper