New Years Resolutions. Goal Setting. Yearly Intentions. Lifestyle Changes. Yearly Mission. Whatever you want to call it, it's an intention to make good on the coming year. I've seen so many posts about not making New Years resolutions because you should be making goals year round but what is so wrong about starting the year with new, clear intentions? I used to have the same mindset but I broke that when I realized that it was important to set my year up for the success I was seeking. Therefore, welcome my 2015 fortitude. 

I normally would write an entire breakdown of everything I wanted to focus on but there isn't that this year. Last year in 2015, my focus was on creating stronger, better friendships. I took the close friends that I had and made the bonds stronger, listened to their needs whether said or not and appreciated time spent versus time lost. This year, the focus will shift. It won't be about a laundry list of things to focus on like giving back, style revamping, finances or loving someone. 

But, rather the focus will be about being present for myself. 

I need to take this year to listen to myself, to be heard and not smoldered. My normal take is to not deal with what my body and mind are telling me. This year will be about being available to my needs, what will make me feel good, feel right, feel valued. My mind will be the priority. It will be the first time I take a moment to listen to what my body and mind need, right at that moment, temporary or permanent. I'm a surpresser. I don't allow myself time to hear what's going on and I'd rather push everything down in order to not deal. I'm always so scared to discover the root of it all, never having the courage my mind needs to conquer. But, with all that said, I'm so excited for this venture, for this time I'll be taking for myself. It's not about a vacation or a spa day or comfort meals, it's about permanent, personal value. Those opportunities, although great, are temporary to how you feel and don't leave you feeling complete like 100% listening that beautiful mind of yours... that beautiful mind of mine. 

Although this is my 2015 fortitude, I love to hear what you would do if you:

Found your purpose? 
Discovered your value?
Required yourself to be present?
Making yourself aware of your emotions?
Being available to everything inside of you?
What would you do?


Happy two thousand and fifteen. Love, Profresh.

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