I once had an entire forum dedicated about me, from a singular person, called the Slut Shaming Steve Harvey Fan Club on Profresh Style... yeah. 

It all started because of a now infamous blog post, Heart Over Vagina. As you'll see in the comments, a heated conversation between a then-reader, myself and another blogger stirred up a flurry of words and jabs that landed me on GOMI (Get Off My Internets). Now, I've always understood that haters mean you made it. But, this was really just the worst way to hate on someone. The post on GOMI, which is now no longer live, was a spattering of hateful verbiage about myself and how I perceive women and our society and put me against accusations that were 100% inaccurate. It was the first time in my life I felt helpless against someone else's thoughts about me; very, very scary. 

But, I confronted her and the situation privately, as you do, and it felt good to let that HATER know that it wasn't cool what she said and the projections she placed on me were unfair and really, just NOT COOL. However, she stood by her word but deleted the forum post but I'm glad that I was able to say what I felt needed to be said to an actual person versus an anonymous.

There's nothing greater than confronting your hater, ya heard?

Speaking of HATERS, I'm hosting probably the best panel there ever could be at BeautyCon Los Angeles!!! So, are you coming? Because you should. Because obviously there's going to be a lot of shit shared + all kinds of goodness in general there. So, GET YOUR TIX, duh. Also, some of my favorites are on panel so that will obviously make it even better so.... what the f*ck are you waiting for?