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There are moments where, even in a ridiculously empty room, everything seems so much louder.

I've been in my head a lot lately, where I can't decipher what is actual versus what is factual. I feel like I've been surrounded by all kinds of voices filled with advice, suggestion, anger, disappointment, frustration, confliction and misunderstanding alongside my own voices. It gets to be quite crowded in my mind - so much so, I'm not sure what I'm even saying/hearing anymore.

I've been on a mission of seeking approval, by parties that shouldn't have that power. I've allowed myself to let opinions pave my encouragement which is such an invalid move that I've created. I've been hunting for people to say things that don't even need to be said - going against all advice I've ever given on this blog. Talk about disjointed - 

you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

These empty rooms remind me to realize my freedom. When I walked in, I knew I wanted to show me. Bear me.
These empty rooms remind me to stay focused on what I can add to a space rather than sinking into the shadows.
These empty rooms remind me to true to me - I am a determined, stimulated, motivated, sensual, confident person. No one should or could take that away and I forever need to remind myself of this.
These empty rooms remind me to be honest with myself. I can't hide flaws, whether physical or mental, in an empty space. Honesty with myself is the only way I can empower myself to journey on.

If you walked into an empty room like this, what would you feel/hear? I would love to hear your stories and how you would conquer your own demons. No but like for real, share. This is like some sort of communal women-hand holding-motivational type corner of the internet, so please share and let's help each other get through these bullshit ass times. KTHX.