Knowin’ nothin’ in life but to be legit
Don’t quote me boy, cuz I ain’t sayin’ shit

Even though Eazy-E'S lyrics were more than questionable when considering life choices, sometimes he just wrote the right shit. 

I've been dealing with a small internal rut as of late - nothing short of a typical day in the life. I've been hanging around really positive people doing amazing things on top of a stupid, crazy schedule leaving me feeling unfulfilled and not enough time in the day to do the creative things within my brain. Without an opportunity to release until now, I decided what better time than this very moment (aka in the middle of the night):

I'm so thankful I've never compromised my content and held my own above the rest.
I'm so happy I receive emails like yesterday where a lovely girl thanked me for being true to me and inspiring her to do the same.
I'm so lucky to have the readers that I do, for all the reasons you stay.
I'm so excited for the growth on this site and for what's to come.
AND I'm so fucking stoked that I can get up each day, work at a job I love, meet up with friends I adore and call people I cherish just to share our days. I'm so stoked for my fucking life.

Man, I hope you are too.
Be legit. 


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Photos by Sabrina Noel Hill