I am so lucky to do the shit I do. I get to create stories and tell them with the help of beautiful friends with beautiful brands and that shit is brilliant. I'm a storyteller and that's pretty, ridiculously cool that I get to do that for a living. 

LACOSTE wanted to tell a story of how to live beautifully. I knew I wanted to work with the lovely Grant as he's literally been able to take someone's verbal story and make it come to life with visuals and to top it off, I was lucky enough to bring in some awesome talent: LACOSTE loved Rachel's persona, Liz's vibrancy and Reinaldo's vibe and I was so thankful to work with them as they were some of my favorites to work with. Producing a road trip is quite the task but man, was it ever worth it. It came together exactly, if not more, how I saw it. It's moments like these that make me so thankful to be in the industry I'm in and know the people I do. 

- A special shout-out to my girl @kodeofkonduct. My CM kicks your CM's ass #justsayinnn -

Now, watch the story unfold because it's pretty effing beautiful.

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