Sometimes, we allow ourselves to run. What's wrong with running, well, besides the fact that you're leaving all your problems on the floor when you return. 

Besides being creatively stifled lately, I've also learned that I love to run. I'm really good at it actually - when someone is real, when things are great, when feelings are strong, I'm amazing at running far, far away. I tend to not being able to deal with those emotions, I tend to search for the negative in these situations in order to protect myself. Hello hashtag loneliness. 

But what does running do for anyone besides set us back? The things we go through as humans, scared or otherwise, shouldn't alter our visions for and with others. Regardless of the shit we go through, sometimes those clean slates are needed and necessary for that life worth living.

I been through some shit man
I decided that what you give is what you’re given
So I been tryna do it right, I been doin’ like
Whatever gets me through the night
What a life...



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photos by: Sabrina Noel Hill