I loved the conversation tonight. It was overdue.

Honesty was never our strongest suits - mostly too afraid to say the wrong thing or cause an eruption. Tonight was all about honesty. I told you about the choices I've made, you shared yours. I told you about that one guy and you wished it well. You told me about a special girl who could be serious but you aren't sure yet. You said it's in a good place. I believe you. So I decided to run. I'm running before it gets to a point where I don't have any choice but to. 

Tonight was good. 

Your words left marks. The good kind, like stains of a dyed blanket. The marks that create a depiction of beauty. I appreciate every word you said. Partial full of love, mostly full of brutal, factual thoughts. If this were us, five, six, seven years ago, we wouldn't recognize one another. 

If our paths should cross years from today, I look forward to that day. Until then, there's today. The decisions we've made were meant for the better of us as individuals rather than the singular unit we both longed for; five, six, seven years ago. 

I look forward to my future. 
I look forward to yours. 
Individuals we came in and individuals we'll leave as.