Guys. If you're not aware, I joined a legit gang; instead of guns, we got floral print, instead of claiming colors, we claim suicide rolls, instead of rollin' joints, we roll tootsies. Basically, I'm so cool now. 

My bb girl Nicolette worked with the ultimate retro mod ModCloth to create, legit, the cutest collection I ever did see among my counterparts. There's still a little retro girl in me, so I'm always down for a large bosom, a small waist and a full skirt; oh and a suicide roll, duh. I roamed the streets of DTLA with Nicolette + two other bad asses, Gabi and Dannielle. I've known Gabi for years, Nicolette for a few less and Dannielle for 2.5 minutes and basically, I want to cradle Dannielle in my sweet lady arms and listen to her mock me for hours on end. Literally, one of the funniest people I know. Also, she basically kicks ass because she wrote a book, A BOOK. And Gabi, well, that heaux has been a rock since I starting blogging. Loved watching her grow and her supporting me through some fun moments. Basically, this crew was quite the ride or die, NOT GON LIE. 

Aside from all that intro, being a part of this was such an honor, more or less because it's moments like these where I get to be inspired outside of my daily "9-to-5". I'm surrounded by women who are accomplishing things that make them happy, doing what works for them. It helps me to be less afraid to conquer and more eager to go after what I avoid, potential failure. So, yes definitely shop these looks because I'll hunt you down if you don't but also get inspired. Go chill with some of your most inspiring friends and get some ideas down on paper. Get those brain waves flowin' because you never know what could be brewing. 

Shop what I wore, duh.

NMxModcloth Fancy Freelance Skirt
NMxModcloth Femme Finesse Top
Topshop SHELL Platforms
Modcloth Hollywood If I Could Sunnies
Betsey Johnson handbag