A date. Dates. Dating. The crazy little/big world of dating. 

I've never really been the best dater. I usually go in with a casual attitude and that nothing is going to come out of it. I never take the guy seriously, I end of overeating and then proceeding to be immensely uncomfortable because, well, why not. I end up coming home to, normally, enjoy a glass of wine, a show on Hulu and a cuddle with my pup. However, the best part of any date... is getting ready. 

I love, love, love getting ready for a date. From getting out of a hot shower, into my cozy comfy robe and press play on my latest Spotify playlist. I have a pretty perfect routine that begins with the face. I start with my cleansers (lately it's been Clearasil because of my severe acne breakouts #heytravelhey). Cleansing my face is where I become quite OCD. My routine prevents me from picking at my face which is just as meticulous #guilty. Then I lay out my makeup essentials which obviously includes my YSL Rouge lipstick. Hair is simple; a brush, a tease, a curl. Lastly is wardrobe. I tend to never dress for a silly boy as most times, they won't understand my wardrobe to begin with. I wear what I love normally consisting of sleek heels, pants of some sort, a vest or jacket and a simple tee/tank. Then it's a walk with Pippa and I'm out the door. 

The best part of a date for me is the care I take to get ready because I love it. It helps me win the day. Clearasil is all about winning the day and if you're like me, getting ready is also your fave part. You can get a free rebate with Clearasil here. And who doesn't love FREE?


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