No but really, I'm like, what is life?

This year has already been quite the shitshow. I've literally never realized how busy I was until I saw I have fourteen unanswered text messages and my blog email stocked full of unread messages. My brother has officially moved down to LA and living in my apartment (anyone want to be his roomie?!) and there's a ton of family things going on, a wonderful best friend is moving here in less than two weeks and helping prep her for that and on top of it all, I've never had more work on my plate.

With all that realized, I more than ever, have a passion for what's about to happen. My life is literally starting because when you're more than busy, you know it's because you're working towards your dreams. I couldn't ask for a stronger confirmation that I'm in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. I really love that I'm motivated again, striving to conquer this crazy, insane world. I'm working towards happiness, towards a reality I only thought happened in dreams. Being busy is scary and exciting and rewarding and awful, all at the same time. But what comes of it is knowing you have a purpose on this Earth, much larger than you. How beautiful. 

I want more for my life than just a job, than just a boy, than just acquaintances, than just a rental. And wanting it bad enough means I'm actually going to get there. How fucking cool.

And I want you to read about a woman who is living her reality. Be inspired.


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