Nothing strikes harder at home than a hard smack of truth. The moment I read this on Instagram, I knew I wasn't the only one who felt a large, heavy slap in the face.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you are actively chasing a dream? 
If you answered no, let me ask you why?
If you answered yes, let me ask you how
Now let me ask you this: is your dream working for someone or is your dream working for yourself? Trust me, this is not an easy answer. 

The other day I had to ask myself that very last question. There's one thing I know about me and that's that I'm a Careerist. 100%, to a tee. I love to work, have a passion for making things happen for businesses and being successful. I love being a champion for the company I work for because I thrive off dedication. But there's one thing I've always also known about myself... and that's that I am an Entrepreneur. Tried and true. I love to dream and find solutions and ideate and support people. I have a deep passion for listening to people's woes and wanting to solve them. I love surrounding myself with people who are inventive and bright - looking to help people just like I do. But I really want to know if you do too. 

There's something so inspiring about people going after something that most people say they can't do. I love hearing stories of others who chased their dream, made their dreams reality rather than a story of I wish I would of. What I hope happens is that you share your story: from graduating college, to opening up your own store to starting a non-profit chapter in you hood. From there, I hope your story inspires me and you reading this right now. I swear, if the internet is good for something, it's providing a community to thrive. Yeah, I want Profresh to be that shit. 

If someone were to give you the opportunity to make your dream happen, what would you do? What would you create?
I hope one day I find an opportunity that makes this online community a brighter, more positive place to dwell. That, is my dream.