So I can't deal. I swore I moved to Los Angeles because there was a constant warmth in the air. Could. Of. Swore.

Alas, that is not the case. Little Los Angeles has been swept up into some East Coast chill and I'm not a fan. It was literally seventy-ish degrees these past couple weeks (when these photos were taken) so I'm not the happy camper with this fifty degree weather. To be fair... I'm a cold weather girl through and through. Nothing makes me happier than layering. Except when you move to a location where it's known for HEAT and you're wrapped in a long-sleeve, uniqlo heat-tech tank, a sweater, a scarf, a cardigan and a parka while sitting on the couch in your home with no heater (that works) and a large down comforter (my current wardrobe.) Now you tell me where the issue lies.

Eventually, I'm sure, we'll get some heat. I mean. Right? C'mon Los Angelenos, tell me it gets better. Please.  

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Photos by: Kim Pesch