What is it about a varsity jacket, leather and plaid that makes us, or rather me, think of high school days? I never wore any of those pieces yet I'm somehow reminded of trying to be bad ass at school, thinking I was all cute and demeanor. HA. Sike - far from cute and demeanor. But it's nice to be reminded of the life you think you had, 8 years ago. (SHIT.) But in all honesty, I would of wore this to school, at 15 years old. Because I just didn't give a shit. #alwaystryingtoactolder

It's been two full months since I've moved to LA and I finally feel like I'm settling in. I'll be sharing a little more once my roommate is settled in and we can share the place. You may of seen moments on Instagram. If not, why aren't you following? What's wrong with you? #FAIL. I kid. But stay tuned, it's going to get good. 

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Zara Sheer Romper, worn as a top
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Plaid Button-Down | thrifted
Steven by Steve Madden Wedge Boots 
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Photography by: Sabrina Noel Hill 
[my lovely old Los Angeles roommate, love this talented bish]