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I can't even count the times I've sat here and griped about all the problems I was having or the amount of times I texted, wrote, emailed, tweeted "can I catch a break?" I got caught up in all the bad things that were happening and not realizing the simplest of things like waking up, having amazing friends and family, having Pippa, etc. etc. were all the things I truly needed. I was strictly focusing on all the bad. I had to stop myself the other day because I just had it. And here's why. 

- Focusing on the bullshit only allows your brain to feed on bullshit. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts vs. emotional reactions, you'll be much better off with decision making, creating opportunities and fighting your heart out. I hit a moment where I just had to tell myself to shut up. Tell your negative shit to get out of your cabeza because you've got positivity to channel is the only righteous thing to do.

- That "thing" you're going through right now is rough, I won't lie to you. But life is bigger than this rough patch. I've been telling myself this for the past week and a half and it's working. Knowing that eventually the bad will fizzle out and the good will remain is a good enough feeling to tough it out any move forward. Like it says above, obstacles inspire. You have no idea how excited, how pumped, how JUICED I am for life right now. All the little "woe is me" moments have inspired a crazy amount of creativity that's been hiding for way too long. So, if you're going through it like me, let it inspire you.

- That fight you had, that bill you can't pay, that job you no longer have, that friend you're not friends with any longer, that relationship that fizzled - all those things are temporary scratches on your timepiece. They pass and you move forward. These moments should be something to either reflect, acknowledge and move forward or use them to get your bitch face on and truck on through. That's exactly what I have on now. And shit, I'm lookin' cute.  

- The more you dwell in your sadness, the longer your recover will be. My grandfather passed two weeks after me moving to LA. I knew that being sad was temporary because I had a ridiculous amount of memories to remember him by and he wouldn't dare want me to be sad. Then, I got terrible news last week and that day, I was back on the horse hunting for the next best thing. There are moments in our lives that just suck. But it's really all how you handle it that helps build your character. And I must say, it's a damn good feeling right now. 

Fight on. Because today is only your day. There is no "there's always tomorrow." Because there's isn't always. So, today is the only day you've got. So, what are you going to do today?