The one wonderful thing about my life in NYC is the friends I've made. I think I've found those that I'll have with me for (hopefully) the rest of my life. I never had the real college experience where you meet all your soon-to-be bridesmaids and godmoms. I didn't have that so moving to New York has definitely fulfilled that feeling of long-lasting friendships needing to be made.

A good friend of mine, as you may see on Instagram every now and then, took me to this Thai/Japanese restaurant in Astoria to try something new. We usually go to this amazing, I mean AUHHHMAZINNGGG, Peruvian restaurant in the UWS so we went out of the box on this one. It was a total fail but made for good comedy as this kid is going to be competing soon for body building (or something technical like that) and this man eats like no one's business. I mean seriously. He had two full platters of chicken teriyaki. So... that was fun to watch.

But it's so good to have friends I can just hang with and throw all my bad and good! on them all at once and they listen and get it and talk about it. I miss my best friends so much back home but it's so hard to get our schedules coordinated. So it's really nice when you have people here that can really help you zen the FUCK out. And there's your f-bomb for the day. 

I'm curious though, for those of you who live in big cities, do you still just keep with your same circle of friends back home or do you make a whole new group of friends? It's interesting isn't it? To know that a city is nothing with comfort of friendship and family.. oh and good food.

Oh and yes, that is Ariel making fun of the blogger pose of "holding one dead arm". It pretty much killed me.