GIRLSOUT_6FOOD_13double plaidGIRLSOUT_5FOOD_12doubleplaid2GIRLSOUT_10 I never thought I'd turn into a tomboy. In fact, I thought I'd be a girly princess for the rest of life. It's strange what happens when you move to a different city, a different state. The quality of life changes when you move and so does your wardrobe and how you function. Long are the days of frills and tight. I live for baggy, mens style. I can't wait for the day where I have a BF, strictly to raid his closet. All I want to wear are baggy tees, mens scarves (have you noticed they are significantly better than ours?) and mens jeans. It's rare I break out a heel, unless it's a day like today. I have more low-heel boots than I ever did living in SF. I suppose that's because of walking. But also, I've learned to be more aware. Breaking out a 5-inch heel with a 2-inch platform just looks rather ridiculous walking into a professional office seating and/or for all eternity it looks ridiculous.

I actually just went through my entire closet and got rid of the hilarious shit I owned like the Jessica Simpson Dany platforms. Yeah, I know you know the ones. I got rid of the vintage-but-my-grandkids-will-never-appreciate pieces and the hats with no purpose like a straw and felt fedora. Yes, that happened. I think I've learned from living in New York to be more practical, to have a wardrobe that's far more versatile than OUTRAGEOUS. And if you go back far enough on the blog, you'll see what I mean. So I've got New York to thank for the man in me. Hello testosterone. Whoa, this post could be taken in such the wrong way. Ha. 

// Wearing //

Vintage mens plaid | Uniqlo chiffon blouse (similar via Nasty Gal) | Zara baggy jeans | Pour La Victorie heels (similar via Zara) | Uniqlo hat | Warby Parker Robinson sunnies | Foley + Corinna Cadeau Clutch in Claret Gravel | vintage blazer | Charming Charlie bling necklace

Photos by Lydia Hudgens, with my boo Laura