I'm excited to share with you another episode of Conversations of Style!

It's always been important for me to have an identity, to belong to something/someone until, well, I grew up. Realizing I need to identify with myself is more important than belonging to a clique or being a part of the cool kids or having a toxic, needed relationship. I've learned to not listen to websites, magazines or outsiders who don't want me to be an individual and who don't celebrate me as a woman. I've learned to be influenced by my friends, by those who have a true interest in unique identities. It's also why I want to maintain working as a blogger. I'm a real woman with a real body shape. There's no fluff added, it's all me. I want you all to see me as what real people look like in real style expression than a website riddled with stick thin girls who you may not relate to. It's why I read blogs. Some of my favorite blogs have become great friends of mine because we have a common theme in mind and that's originality and embracing who you truly are. It's the year of the woman after all. 

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P.S. I don't live in Long Island. People fudge that up often but I'm in LIC, y'all. P.P.S. Who remembers that face in this video's guest appearance? Think back to last year's NYFW... ;) Thank you sir.