65727_379866878709866_529694817_n Opening this damn app that I've deleted over 4 or 5 times already. It's the OkCupid shuffle. I can't ever decide whether I want to be a part of this ridiculous yet exciting enough to be on for hours, app. Majority of the time, these characters on OKC provide senseless humor for my roommate and I. The descriptions of themselves kill me; let alone the photos they decide are appropriate for this community. I can't tell you how many ab/mirror shots I've seen. Honestly, what the hell am I supposed to do about that? Go into a corner and masterbate endlessly? Right, didn't think so.

There's been a few dates that have been alright. No one notable enough to consider dating- if anything, good friends I foresee. So, what is truly the point of being a part of this community? Truly, there's no answer. I'm on it because I'm bored, which I think is the answer for most folks. When I'm laying in bed at night, I scroll through the endless 'QuickMatches' which are neveraccurate. But it's most certainly one of the most entertaining things to do while unable to sleep.

The question I get most times of why I'm on OKC is frankly, why don't you just go to bar or get out of the house? You can meet plenty of people that way. Well listen up sassy asses, heading to a bar for the possibility of may or may not meeting someone or wasting my time chatting up basics for the potential of meeting a more complex gentleman just doesn't sound enticing. Granted, sure, I've become quite the homebody. Nothing sounds greater than a bottle of wine, at home, curled around my laptop and pup. Plus, men in this city are cheap. So, buying my own drinks consecutively is out of the question. A cheap bottle of wine is all this girl needs.

Will I keep the OkCupid app on my phone? Probably not. It will be one of those apps that gets deleted when I'm running low on memory. Perhaps I should just get my grandma ass up and go meet a real man, in person.