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Blog Diagram

As I'm sure you noticed, I'm back from my hiatus with some new changes! Nothing major, just giving you more and more like a suga daddy. Oh yea boy. I put into this system (think tag cloud) to find out the most popular words you guys used when you comment, etc. and the most used word was REAL. This made me ridiculously happy since that's all I ever hoped for when I started this blog was to come across as my true me, my honest self. So, I bring you: REAL LIFE, ALL THE TIME.

I love charts so I made a pretty one for you, to understand what's here and what's to come.

Dressing: My typical Mood posts will still be here but I'm now incorporating two new categories: Undress Me & Through Film. Undress Me is going to be a fun, new thing where we'll dissect what I wear. A lot of you like and compliment my layering which I think is pretty rad so why not dissect what I'm actually wearing? (Let me tell you, it takes forever to undress.) Through Film will be something similar to this so that should be fun right?

Living: I pretty much am an open book. The one thing I learned from my blog is I am able to use it to help at least one person. All my Personal Posts will stay here but incorporating more photos of friends, family, moments happening, Moments Captured. I also want to add more of where I live, what my home looks like, etc. In fact, I just painted my entire apartment this weekend so My Apartment will live here.

Dating: Oh, this is a fun one. Dating in NYC is definitely the hardest. People here are ridiculously crazy so... it's hard to stand out in the crowd. But what better way to go through it than share that with you? That will be under Love & Other Disasters. (P.S. Have you seen that movie? A favorite Brittany Murphy movie) Love Lust Life will be living here as well but something else that's new will be born. 20Somethings is about all the moments out with my girls. Another hard thing I found was finding a great group of friends but I'm closer to having that. Sometimes, great photos and stories and moments are born and I think that's all a part of being a 20Something.

I hope you guys like it and are happy with these cool changes. I'm so stoked to start on this new journey with Profresh Style. It's been fun to watch it unfold and turn into all this. That's why YOUR LIFE is so important and why it all comes down to you. A bit ago, I wanted to do a Reader Appreciation Month. That, of course, is still going to happen but more than a month. I want YOU on the blog. Your stories, your comments, your life. Every month, I want a reader's story here. I want your thoughts, your words, your beautiful face on Profresh Style. You're the whole reason I've got this really rad blog that comes with super amazing experiences. And I would love to have you here on the blog. In the beginning of each month, I'll ask you all for your stories, your thoughts, anything you want to talk about on the blog - whether it's a break-up you experienced and had something unique you coped with or maybe you found a super rad thrift store and you have a story to share about, I want you to put it all here. I want you here, your blog here, your message here. HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR? :) If you want, you can start emailing me now christina@profreshstyle.com but this won't be on the blog until January 2013. But why not get ahead?

Well all, thank you. Thanks for being THE SHIT.