I've taken so many photos in Indonesia, it's been so hard tackling them down to how I want to post them. I have a few favorites and a ton I want to share. This last photo is one of them. This old man was so cool- his friend was selling these little cakes on the street called Putong (rice sponge cakes) and their interaction was so rad. They both had this undeniable swagger about them. I didn't get to capture either of their smiles or this man's walk but believe me when I say, it really doesn't matter what you have at the moment. It's more about what you came into the world with- your character, your personality that makes you a happy, carefree person.

This trip was a learning experience indeed. Of course, the culture was a great experience to breath in but more than anything, I learned about myself- the things I liked and didn't like, the attributes I wanted to work on and the person I believed myself to be. I learned that I need to expand my patience level and that the world is much bigger than what I have here in NYC.

There's something so mysterious about this place too- wandering around, with a lull undisturbed by their surroundings. The history is deep here, richer than most communities I've been surrounded with. They know and care about who they are, they enrich others with their wisdom. That's something that's been missing in my own upbringing, in my own generation.

I also got to experience Jakarta Fashion Week for the first time. It was so different compared to NYFW- the people and the crowd seemed much more involved and engaged with the culture of their style. Although, street style was a bit different. They didn't really like their picture taken as I soon found out. I got immediately rejected by one of the most stylish guys I've seen but that's fine. Indulging on everyone else became much more exciting. There were definite similarities- you saw the blogger group, the EDITOR group, the stylish cling-ons and the fashion wannabes. But what was more interesting was the models and designers mingled with the crowd outside the show. I thought that was rather interesting as that would NEVER happen out in front of Lincoln Center. I'd definitely want to attend JFW again, just to witness an entire week of shows, viewing their culture instead of just one show like I did at the amazing show by Bin House. If you get a chance to go, do it. It's a really cool experience, nothing like NYFW.

The bloggers I've met, Tara, Carol, Tricia & Sonia are some of the coolest girls. Each are so different and added a great vibe into the group on our trip. Christina and I obviously were a joker duo and it was fun to entertain them. There's more to come on these rad little faces.

Can't wait to show you more- there's no way you can tire of these. At least, I hope.