As you guys know, I'm going through this transition phase- figuring out different aspects of myself and this includes my wardrobe. I've always considered myself this style chameleon, changing with my mood. This holds true but lately, on a more consistent level. All I want to wear is blacks, whites, greys, navys and shades of red. There's this clean, minimalist look that's really striking to me and something I want to try and pull together for a new look. I also like incorporating pieces of satire or silliness- it seamlessly pulls together who I am and how I want to express.

It's fall now so what look are you hoping to achieve, if any? I'm interested to hear what's inspiring you.

T by Alexander Wang

neoprene dress

| Casadei

navy heels

| Cheap Monday

triangle bag

| H&M

white tee

| Emma Cook

printed pants

| Dents lambskin

driving gloves

| Modcloth

No Question ring

| Office

Kick Ass Heels

| Alicia & Olivia

black leggings

| Elizabeth and James

pony hair ankle boots

| Phillip Lim

graphic tee

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