Do you see that gorgeous woman above? No, not me. (Ha kidding). But that woman next to me is the lovely Sarah of Style On The Couch. This Brit has the classiest style I think I've ever encountered + her body is bangin'.


I met her last fashion week and became obsessed with her. Her classic style is twisted with bondage pieces, sexy lingerie-inspired looks and sex heels. Nothing is greater in my opinion. When Sarah asked me to partner with her to create a look for her blog, I was so excited. We agreed on a t-shirt theme and loved the outcome. Somehow, without seeing one another's looks prior, we similarly coordinated. Sarah and I's style are very different as I couldn't pull off half the sexy things she dons yet somehow, we looked like we planned our wardrobe together. I think we've got that friend sense. We also have another thing in common- Lydia is both our photographer. You can see Lydia's talent though as she shoots us both differently- that's a true artist. Don't you agree?

Check out Sarah's post for more of our photos, serious and otherwise. If you love lingerie, sexy and classic wardrobe, a bit into her physiological mind (she really is a Psychologist) and her adventures back in London, then you'll fall in love with one of my favorite Brits.

I'm wearing: Brandy Melville cut-off tee (dig this one), vintage (FAVORITE!) skirt, Steve Madden boots, a scarf from club brunch, Sorelli spike bracelet, Vanessa Mooney Rhinestone Skull Necklace c/o, In God We Trust heart necklace in "Balls To The Wall"

Photos by the ultimate Lydia Hudgens