As you remember from my last post, I have an infinite love for dogs, my pups, all pups. But especially ignored ones. It kills me to know that dogs are unwanted or no longer needed within a family. For me, I couldn't be without mine. Being raised with dogs ever since I was a baby, has instilled this fact that helping animals is of the utmost importance because they can and do so much for us. Things humans don't have the ability to do- love unconditionally.

Socialyte held a benefit to raise money for the Rescue Paw Foundation during fashion week. Unfortunately I was out of town and couldn't attend but I wanted to make sure I made you aware of what was happening. This is a foundation I 100% believe in because of how much dogs mean to my life. Watch the video below with some of my awesome gal pals and cute pups! Learn more and donate (or shop our charity shop on Threadflip! Two days left & I've donated a few of my favorite vintage finds!)