Let's just stop for a second. Let's just stop, relax, breathe and PEEP THIS SKIRT.

Ican't handle it. If I were to ask for a skirt, made perfectly for me, with a bomb price point and a delicious scalloped hem, I would die. Well guess what munchkin babies, I'm a freaking ghost because here is my dream skirt! I haven't shopped at Arden B in ages- the last time I stopped in a mall and shopped was in college... six years ago. Wait. WHAT. Ew.

[stop thinking about your age!]

Arden B killed it and I'm so happy to call on them. You obviously can't beat the original price but this bad boy is on sale! I can't. I'm going to stop. This. Just. UGHHH. Hey heaven, what's up goorrlllll.

You know I couldn't do this skirt regular. I had to jazz it up with polka dots and peplum collars. But you must not forget my boots- simple and minimal. Let those other loud kids do the talking. By the way, never go shopping intoxicated. You'll buy boots a whole size smaller than what you actually are and you also won't listen to your friends pleading with you to not buy them.

Besides all that nonsense, I haven't dressed up lately. It's solely because I work from home now so getting dressed up consists of putting on a baggy tee or tank [like this], shorts or "urban cool" sweats and it's #YOLO. [Kill me, never let me use that again]. I would love to get more dressed up so who's taking this single gal on a date? Anyone? No one? OK! Cupid it is.


Forever 21 polka dot blouse [

belted version


a perfect version for fall

] | Arden B neon skirt [

a fun, more statement version


sequins for work

] |

Topshop arrow necklace

| JewelMint handcuff bracelets [

a dope version

] & Mumbai bracelet | Steven for Steve Madden boots [mine sold out but

here's a similar pair

] | Juicy Couture sunnies

photos by the ultimate Lydia Hudgens