Lately, I've been getting so many awesome things from you readers and cool write-ups so I thought I'd share those with you today. #heygirlhey♥The drawing above comes from a reader, Sarah, who's blog is based off blogger drawings she produces. She's pretty rad- c

heck out the post

! ♥The post written by Corie was a funny one- basically broke down every aspect of my blog. HA.

Check it

! ♥Ultimate fangirl right here and

loved the post

! Thx Jennifer! Now, I can't be completely gratuitous so here are some of my favorite posts this week!

♥ One of my favorite looks on Laura- great combo of sweet & bad ass. ♥ Shirley kills it with this hair. My ultimate obsession- the major swoop. ♥ The only pregnant beauty who would roll to LV and look this amazing. ♥ Karen turned me on to this cool kid. Seriously, I want to be him, every day of my life. ♥ I may or may not be working out my own version of this. THIS is perfection of NYC dating. ♥ My goal in life is be able to pose the way Natasha does. Alas, homegirl has mile-long legs, I have chunky baby-size legs. Comparison complete. ;) ♥ Only Lauren has the balls. I mean, c'mon, she's Carly Rae Jepsen's stylist. It's obvi this girl is talented. ♥ I have an obsession with looking in peoples' homes. It's like some sort of voyeurism trait sans sexual. ♥  I just can't. Always on point. Always. ♥  My ideal chic. Evangelie is my style hero. Literally. ♥ I'm not a mom. Yet. But I've been following The Wiegand's for so long that the fact that she's finally had her baby made me tear up. Such a touching story. ♥ Just the fact that she's coming to NYC again makes my heart melt. I love this girl and those pants + that hat + that color.

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Have a great weekend munchkin swirls!