School wasn't a priority growing up for me- maintaining a social life was. Every report card said I talked too much, distracted others and daydreamed often. However, when I met my 9th grade English teacher, Ms. J., things changed. She helped me to explore my words and use them as validation for my thoughts and feelings. She encouraged me to write passionately and helped me work out problems I otherwise may of never solved. Ms. J., thank you for your wisdom and honesty. You're the reason I express so well on my blog today, and also why I never mistake you're for YOUR. Miss you!

I've partnered with The Limited, of which you know I'm obsessed with, to celebrate teachers and I'm excited to share a little discount with you. If you're a student or a teacher, you can use the 15% discount, every day if you'd like [Ending date is TBD]. Both my step-mom and my mom are teachers, in two different mediums. My step-mom teaches public school and my mom teaches homeschool. I'm so inspired by both of their hard work for educating children, their dedication and teaching them to think farther than what they know- most of my step-mom's students coming from rough homes and backgrounds. They are both extremely cool women and I'm so blessed to have these two teachers in my family to keep the change going. Mom & Heather, this is for you.

Head to the The Limited Facebook to learn more and check out the Teachers tab to see other bloggers rock their "professional" side.


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Photos by the ultimate Lydia Hudgens

Yo. This was a sponsored post. However, just because they pay me, don’t mean I sit pretty. I always write my honest opinion when necessary and never will I represent something I would not purchase/wear myself. Ever. I wouldn’t post if I didn’t believe in the product, despite the pay. I will never persuade you or put a gun to your head to buy. That’s just rude. OH and also illegal.