Although I doubt this will ever happen, I would love to transform my entire wardrobe to creams and whites and blacks. The reason it would never happen is because I'm a color freak. Yup, a freak.

I make due with embracing bits and pieces- meet my new favorite shirt. I picked this up at the Uniqlo on 5th Ave on sale for $9. Quite literally, I've worn this with EVERYTHING. It's perfect- it's strange how a simple blouse can improve your wardrobe 10 fold. It's not available online but I found other options [see below].

Speaking of color, check out my hurr. This girl went dark and I'm so ecstatic. Can you tell I'm preparing for Fall? It's got the perfect cherry/burgundy/ox blood(!) color. And as always Arrojo hooked me up- Mariesa did a fantastic job. I'm constantly impressed with how they handle my extremely needy self. I'm very particular in how I wear my hair and color is no exception. I'm so happy with the turn-out. Now if the weather would just cooperate, I'd be one happy camper.


Uniqlo blouse [

Label Lab

makes an edgy version |

Charlotte Rouge

makes a sheer tank with perfection |

Nasty Gal

does a basic tee with sass] | Forever 21 sheer skirt | Zara sandals [sold out but here's a more

fall appropriate version

] | Forever 21 spike necklace |

Vanessa Mooney Dominga necklace

Photos by the ultimate: Lydia Hudgens