This wall, oh this beautiful mother-effing not-a-real-wall WALL is my new favorite non-wall. C'mon, I'm like a gah damn hamburger sandwich in your mouth, wearing a denim vest. #TRENDY.

So, this dress. I have a love/hate relationship with drop waists. When I was a kid [in high school], I was all about "tight" things and if you can remember, drop waists were in [again] back in the early 00's. I personally thought it accentuated too of my stomach and not enough of my [non] ass. But GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. Girlfriend realized that it is chic-sans-chic. Yea, I know that statement cancels one another out. So what? My solution to make this dress work in my wardrobe was slapping on my new favorite closet staple- A denim FREAKING vest. Because who doesn't look a snazzy little ruffle peeking out of their denim? Are you guys fans of a a drop waist? If you are, how do you wear it? I suppose it depends on your shape. But Personally, I don't like looking like a rectangle sitting on a pair of extra thick pixie sticks.


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Topshop dropwaist dress | Zara woven sandals | Topshop denim vest [Free People made a rad one since mine is sold out] | Eloquii braided necklace | Evolution bracelet | C. Wonder studs | Brandy Melville rings
Photos by: Lydia Hudgens