Oh, you ex-boyfriends are so sweet aren't you? With your "I'm sorry" bouquets and your "Forgive me" dinners. Silly boys, those won't ever work on little ol' me. Ha.

I tricked you silly kids. There's no bouquet & no dinner and definitely no ex-boyfriend. I'm just talking about my pants. Doesn't it look like a cheap, fun bodega bouquet your ex-man found to give you to say I'm sorry? Well, that's what I think when I wear them. Cheeky, cheesy and typical. Don't you think?

To top it all off, why not add metallic heels for spice and a matching coral clutch? Clearly, all these things come together in just the cutest little saucy number. Sarcasm. But really, this bag is pretty much amazing. Foley + Corinna have quickly become my new favorite. I remember coveting these bags after I saw them in Lucky when I was in high school. But back then, this girl couldn't ever imagine she'd have one. Well sister girl has a couple and then some. Pretty happy about it, frankly. You can't top a sale. This bad boy, in this color is under $300 but there's darker colors for less! Check more out below.


Zara t-shirt | Zara floral pants (a more subtle ex-bf) | JustFab heels (similar) | Foley + Corinna Muriella clutch c/o | Evolution bracelet | ToyWatch gem watch | H&H bracelet | Vanessa Mooney Clara bracelet c/o | random African bangles

Images by the awesome Lydia Hudgens