Hey you little cupcake muffin tins!

So, I've decided to bring back Reader Appreciation Monday! I'm pretty excited about it because I've been wanting to bring this back for a long while and finally found time to start RECORDING IT! Yes, that's right. Instead of my usual, here's a comment, there's a comment all written out, I decided to shout you little beauties out in a VIDEO!

Oh em gee, don't get your panties wet. I still haven't figured out exactly how to LINK to you yet. But trust me, I will. For now, I decided to just link to your urls/twitter handles or whatever else I can get my hands on. Will that work? It better. :)

Hope you guys enjoy something I'm really happy about and like I asked in the video, what do you think this segment should be called? Still Reader Appreciation Monday or something different? You decide! Write below in the comments and next week, it may or may not change. YAY!

Readers mentioned:

@innyvinny @gritandglamour @ashemischief @laydiwinchester @amandaweiss @stylistictaste @only1krystin @magichat @fabiolamichele

Thank you, big ol' kiss! If you want your comment mentioned, leave it either on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or right here on the blog. Good luck you cutie pie honey fucks.

P.S. YES, I know I have a dirty ass potty mouth BUT I can't figure out the BLEEP noise in iMovie to cover my words. Anyone have tips? If not, suck it up. CUZ IT'S HAPPENING.