About Me
About Me

What is this? What am I reading? Where's the funny videos? Where's the style posts? What is this preposterous image I'm reading?

It's my new ABOUT ME! Bam.

Last night, I posted on Instagram my new About Me page and the response was hysterical. So I decided to share it with you all on the blog, if you so happen decide not to click on ABOUT in the nav bar. :)

As you guys know, I've been going through a revamp of my morals for the blog, the site design itself and just the overall look & feel of the site. A new ABOUT ME was definitely required. I mulled over what I wanted my focus to be when you or anyone new comes and reads my site - the one thing that's consistent, is HONESTY. You readers know I'm always blunt, honest but also never wanting to deceive anyone. I don't want anyone to come to the blog and think I'm this wholesome little lass. C'mon now, I couldn't even try. So a very BLUNT and forthcoming about me page was of the utmost importance.

Now that you've gotten that little disclaimer, I hope you enjoy and welcome all this cray-cray ness.

Tell me, what do you think of my new About Me? How do you feel about bloggers who aren't themselves or create a facade of their lives? Let's chat about HONESTY. :)