So what do you do when you want mile-long legs? Put on a saucy little jumpsuit and wham bam, you look like a model.

(scoff) Yeah. Right. But hey, I get bonus points for effort. This saucy number came from my former boss who I miss so much. She is a rad designer from Indonesia who created a New York City produced line called Radenroro. I'm sure you've heard me talk about them before.  This was one of my favorite pieces from her- it's silk, it's lined, has pockets AND doubles as pants. C'mon, you can't deny that's a perfect combo.

It's a start of a new week- the last few weeks have been the busiest with both work and personal life. Celebrating my birthday has been the greatest time but it also came at probably the busiest weeks at work. To be frank, I had to really try hard and balance both work, blog and personal life - it eally tough. It was definitely a test of commitment and drive but it was definitely a good one. It made me realize how much I could really handle. Let's cheers to a new, hopefully a bit slower, week. [downs a few picklebacks, which by the way, is my new favorite shot to take. Beyond good.]

OneRadGirl (Dress The Population's sister line) tank top c/o | Radenroro jumpsuit | mega old Matiko wedges | the usual jewels (ex-boyfriend watch, Mumbai bracelet, Evolution bangle, The Limited cuff, Mr. Kate bark ring, estate sale ring, jewel mint necklace, Vanessa Mooney Dominga necklace

I just realized while writing this entry that it's my one year anniversary in New York. Shit. I had totally planned out an idea for this and completely misplaced the days. Good goin' (half) blonde. Stay tuned for my "One-Year in NYC" post. DAMMIT.

Images by the talented Lydia Hudgens