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Let me explain-

After multiple "I-hate-what-I-have-in-my-closet!" moments and also realizing half the clothing I own doesn't fit or have a place in my wardrobe, I felt it was time for an intervention of sorts. But more or less, a reinvention of a similar look I've donned before but not quite in the best light. I was all about hip hop, based on movies and what I saw in the mall back in high school and into college. So on came the Baby Phat sweatsuits, Rocawear hoodies and Timberland high heel boots. Don't forget about the bamboo hoops, gold chains and denim jumpsuits courtesy of J.Lo.

But after I realized that style was outdated and not cool, I went through multiple phases of style and have yet to settle on what I love. I had a conversation recently about being defined by style stereotypes or trying to categorize yourself as one persona or another. I realized that although I don't have a defined style personality, I have a strong sense of style that changes daily. And I think that's pretty cool.

So as of late, I decided I want to reach into my past and take some of the moments in my hip hop era and bring them back to life. Just updated. On top of that, I'm starting my self-defense classes AND I'm getting back into dance which I'm SO EXCITED about. I based my soon-to-be active lifestyle on what I'd want to be wearing: from work to dance class.

Designer sneakers, comfy harem pants, simple tops or tees and the flyest accessories possible, make up my new look or what I'd like to look like. Stay tuned next week, I'll be continuing my reinvention journey with you guys. It's going to be good.

And a special treat for you (I will definitely be regretting posting these) but take a special look at my style of my past I've been describing. I couldn't find the really intense ones but I figure I'd spare you the horror... not that the following isn't horrific.

And if you want to take on this look, you can shop all the fun pieces above and more below.. down, down below. (wink facceee)


Question for you: Do you know any celebrity or personality who embodies this hip hop of 2012 style? I'd love to know so please share! I'm much better with visuals than words so speak up and share!