When do I ever go check out menswear? Never. Well, it's a good thing I did.

In the tents, W Hotels hosted and created a place for awesome indie designers in the tents. Do they even call it the "tents" anymore? I don't even know. Anyway, I was really shocked to find Rochambeau exquisitely unique. I'm hardly impressed with menswear- women's wear for that matter and when setting my eyes upon this edgier realistic line was refreshing. Enough with boring lines and preppy bow ties. I'm all about creative angles, gradual textures and futuristic style.

I'm also about menswear that I can transition into my wardrobe. Weird? Not really. I could take any of these pieces and color palettes and create my own looks from it. That, I find inspiring. And the fringed leather accessories were my favorite, of course. New? No. But beautifully pieced together.

Oh and I may or may not be coarsely dating one of them.