It's here again, The Profresh Guide To...™ is back again this week and with a vengeance. Okay, not exactly but boy, is this a strong one.

This week's topic: HOW NOT TO BE THAT GIRL

We pretty much have all said at one point in our young adult lives that "we're not that girl" with as much sass as Bon Qui Qui. ("Don't innerupt, RUDEE.") Anyway, we can't help it. We never want to be something that other people, mostly men, complain about. But the reality is, we have, at point in our relationships/dating lives, have acted this way. Check out the video to hear what I'm talking about.You're going to want to. Includes the following:

-Clapping with each syllable -Abusing the phrase "In general" -Abusing the phrase "At the end of the day" -Abusing the phrase "I'm pretty sure" -I also get really crazy in this one, pretty freakin' passionate about this one

Gon go head n inerrupptt, gon go head n inerruptt, RUEE. Okay, I'm done. HA.

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