Guess what guys, Love Lust Life is back- finally! I know it's been a while and I'm so sorry. But I'm back and ready with tons of new LLL for you! Here's the latest: Women, you know you have a list. What kind you ask? Well, the kind that has to match your perfect man. You disagree? Well take a look and discuss below!


You have about 52.76 unchecked items on your list to your "perfect man".  Go on, name some: "Has to have a masters degree", "Must come from a happy household where parents are still together", "Must be 6ft+ REQUIRED", "Has to love cats and has to hate dogs, I hate dogs", "Must bring something to the table I've never had before i.e. knows how to paint watercolors, knows how to make homemade tortillas", "Must know four different languages", …and the list goes on. Why do you make your "must" list a mile long without reflecting what you're asking for and what YOU'RE bringing to the table? Do you know four different languages? Do you have your masters degree? Are your parents still married? Why all the requirements ladies?

There is something to be said for the woman who decides to love the man, scratch that, just appreciate A man who comes to the table with no requirements and all the love and appreciation you'll need. Yes, of course, love isn't enough. We all know that by now. But there shouldn't be a need to make a list that makes it impossible for a man to break through.

Men, usually, are not complicated creatures. They only want a few things: attention, passion and appreciation. Women are born to care, love and be affectionate-this shouldn't be hard to do.  I feel sometimes we wrap ourselves up in creating a passion built on aggression, jealousy, struggle and deceit. For what? You're now not even focused on your list that you began with because the man you got was simple… and that isn't enough. Did I mention you have a hidden list you don't tell anyone about? Here it goes:

1. Must fight with me

2. Must disagree with a majority of the things I say so I can have a rebuttal

3. Must have angry ex-girlfriends so that I can always prove the point that I'm better

4. Must have a twinge of jealousy so I know you care if you lose me

5. Must forget important occasions like anniversaries, birthdays of my parents, etc. so that I can get angry and tell my friends what an asshole you are

…the list goes on.

You disagree? Well, think about it. I guarantee you have a hidden list. You just don't want to admit it.

All I'm saying is to think about why you're making such an extravagant list for a man that hardly exists. And if he does, I guarantee you he's already taken… by a woman smart enough to not have a list.


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