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Something incredible happened to me last a few weeks ago. And no, I didn't have Michael Ealy's baby.

Too bad, cuz I would. Anyway, back to the incredibleness that happened to me. I was invited to the relaunch of Elie Tahari and to welcome his Fall 2011 collection. Not only has Elie Tahari been one of my favorite designers since I got into fashion but this man is incredible at capturing a woman as a woman, not a model. So, you can imagine my excitement heading to this event.

I mingled with some fabulously dresssed women and men. I drank way too much champagne and noshed on delicious truffle mashed potatoes. But the best part of the evening- being introduced to the man himself, Elie Tahari. Not only did he ask me to walk away so he could watch me sway in his Edita blouse and Bennet skirt but he and I fell in "love". I had so much fun with him playing around with my wardrobe, figuring out what works best and finalizing and approving my look for the window shoot (coming soon). I can tell you it's definitely a highlight of my life.

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With the beautiful ladies- Claire and Christina.

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You know, just hanging out with Joe Zee- we tweeted, we talked Radenroro, we instagram'ed.

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Every woman needs a gay in their life- meet Alex.

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At the end of the night, he pulled me aside and tells me this, "I don't design for these skinny model women, I design for women like you, with real curves." Ladies, this made my heart soar. This man is my new best friend. Hypothetically of course.

Hey Elie Tahari, I'd do anything to work for you so give me a ring. ;)

Radenroro FW/11 dress | Steve Madden leopard heels | thrifted belt | vintage necklaces | Radenroro stingray bag
Photo 7, 8, 13 courtesy of Guerreisms