Fashion week is fun and all but the best and most fun thing about it is having all my friends together in one place, in a fabulous city.

The fabulous ladies of BNO created a fun event at Pranna just for us to come together, drink multiple beverages and indulge on each other's fashionable finds. I fully treasure moments like these. Most the time, we haven't seen each other since last fashion week and the rest of it is meeting friends we've only talked to via the webz. Oh, how I love the blogs.

Little miss Kendall

Lynzy's amazing neck collection- you know I love texture, prints and textures, oh and prints

The ever-gorgeous Aimee, Laura & Nadia

Mia | Christina | Claire

Meet the ladies of BNO: Lynzy | Erika | Caitlin | Kendall | Marissa | Christine

The lovely Diana

I miss this bay beauty<3

The effervescent Taylor

The go-getter Ashley

This beaut Jules

One of the greatest, Laura. I miss her more than I can say.

This is fashion week. To me.