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Fall is coming you guys! What are you going to be wearing? Denim most likely, right? Well, I've yet to really embrace denim. For whatever reason, it's been a tough ride. I've never been able to find denim that I love. But I've come across a breakthrough...so to speak. Meet my-wardrobe.com- a FRESH, well-versed site, ready for you to devour in fashion form. The reason I'm obsessed with this site is because it was so easy to find what I'm learning to embrace- that being DENIM.

My favorite I've come across: Nudie Jeans. Yes, the name got me at first. But I had also heard about this line before and had fallen in love with the fit on my butt. I mean, talk about raise your ASSets. You all know how I don't like low-rise because muffin top is so not cute. Nudie, actually, has the perfect high rise. I got, put on and loved. I've yet to wear them out on the town- probably because I'm still learning to accept my nice-looking butt (which is a rarity). So, if you're looking for denim this fall and if you've moved to NYC like I have and have no clue what to do with denim, then check out Nudie Jeans. You'll die, then come back to life again, then die from your butt lookin' righteous. Yeah, I said righteous.

Head to www.my-wardrobe.com. Oh snap.

This post has been brought to you by My-Wardrobe.com. Obviously, this is all my opinion. Don’t be crazy.