Yes, my ombre' has transitioned. No more light pink- it's now crazy bright and ready for major street walking.

I'm kind of on this kick of letting my hair take the spotlight while I just wear the same thing over and over and over and over again. I've now worn this skirt three times (that you know of) in the past week or so. I'm also on a kick of being over summer and spreading the love and cheer of black. BLACK. BLACK. You already know where I got my hair did, so go. Now. Run. Before she stops doing it.

Wanna be like me and become a layer/print/mixing fiend? 1. Take a belt 2. Loop it through a skirt or two or three. 3. Poof, you got action going on like you've never seen before. TSA: This was your fashion tip of the day. Thank you.

My grandmother got really sick a week ago and I went home to visit her. We all thought it was our last moments with her. Instead, she's happy and looks great. These bracelets remind me of her- everyone in the fam has one. The watches were hers. I'll cherish these forever.

Let's end this on an awesome ass shot. I fell. If you couldn't tell.


Danskin leotard | Forever 21 tie-dye skirt | H&M skirt (underneath) | Aldo velvet platforms | grandma's jewelry | thrifted belt

P.S. Check out my feature on StyledOn- pretty good shit.