New York is ridiculously humid and hot. My solution: Wear as little clothing as possible without getting a "slut citation".

I'm having way too much fun in New York. Although extremely stressed and every day has seemed like a major road bump, I've seemed to muddle through and I'm still here... SHOCKING.

And yes, I went edit happy. Yay or nay? I loved how drastic they were in comparison to what I usually do. Thoughts? If you hate it...well, see prior post. JUST KIDDING.

thrifted crochet top | F21 tie-dye skirt | F21 skirt underneath (so I'm not naked) | Jessica Simpson Dany platforms | vintage bangles | Betsey Johnson watch | homemade friendship bracelet | $10 A.Wang knock-off sunnies | Natori bra

Now look into my nostrils. I shall tell you your fortune.