Besides the fact that I look like a creamsicle, I laughed hysterically after downloading these photos. I mean, really rooftop?!

So, there's this current controversy going on with our rooftop + landlords. No one is allowed on the roof because someone "snitched", apparently, and there was partying/drinking/tanning etc and the landlord got pissed. But question: does he not realize this is New York City and rooftops are one of the primes of living here? Oh well, I'll be using it until I get caught. Orrrr, maybe I'm not that badass.

This skirt. Oh this skirt. I don't think I've shot this skirt ever on the blog. This is a vintage Christian Dior skirt that I scoured at a thrift store for a whooping $1.99. I know right? How does this deal pass through the system so easily? Well, it's in my hands now! I only worn this a few times though because it wrinkles so easily. I now have a steamer so this is being broken out ALL THE TIME. Well, not in this heat. Did you know we're in a heat dome? Yeah, in 32 states hence the mega-hot heat outside. SHIITT, I could fry an egg on the concrete, no joke.

UO blouse | vintage Chrisian Dior skirt | Steve Madden sandals | vintage bangles

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