This woman here is more amazing than any woman I've ever met.

This woman is my grandmother. Before my cousin's wedding in 2008, she hadn't left her home for 8 years. 8 YEARS- She came to my birthday/going away party this weekend so you could imagine how much it meant to me that she came. She can't walk and she can hardly see but she braved it all to come see me before I jet out of here.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for her, nothing. My favorite part of the days I've spent with her are just laying in bed with her while she tells me stories of how she met my grandfather, how she raised her kids and how in love she is with my grandfather almost 60 years now. He takes care of her, he's how I want my future husband to be. Nothing is too much for him and she loves him for that. Almost 90, she still has such a sense of humor. She taught me how to give her, her shots and every now and then, she'll yelp and pretend I hurt her and crack up when I freak out. I love her for that. I'm telling you, this woman may be aging on the outside but my goodness, she's a young thing inside.

This woman, this woman will always be the greatest woman I'll ever know. My hero? No. My idol? No. She's my grandmother. That's the biggest title you could ever give.

Love you grandma