I'm pretty much living in this swingy mini dress. Wearing it to the grocery store even seems practical.

Wore this bad boy number to the Academy of Art graduate fashion show in San Francisco, not to the grocery store. However, both are pliable. The show blew my mind, finally. San Franciscians, you fail to inspire me with your "IDGAF" wardrobe or the just-as-unflattering "IDGAF but I'm still going to throw on every piece of tulle, leopard, sheer, lace, rock & roll, pin up, tom boy I own". Yes, that was unfortunately the mix-up going on while walking along the sidewalk towards to Academy of Art doors. Yikes. However, dear graduates, you all kicked major ass. I was so honored to witness what walked down that runway. Congrats! Photos to come this week!

Back to what I donned on this occasion. Now, I bought this dress at one of my most favorite joints in town, Clothes Contact. Why you ask? Well, simply because I buy authentic vintage BY THE POUND. Yeah, I said it. Yeah, you're feeling a bit jealous. I understand. Anyhow, I own some of the most amazing pieces that come from this kick ass store. This dress burst my 1960's retro cherry. All I want are short mini dresses with bell sleeves or awkward lengthening sleeves of any kind. Donning a vintage clutch as well from Clothes Contact and purple platforms to match, I was most certainly ready for my next key party. Anyone?

vintage 1960's mini dress | vintage perforated leather clutch | JS Dany's