Talk about new beginnings...ay?

Yes I'm in Canada.

SO many things have happened since I got in. Let's elaborate, shall we?

  • Was held up in customs/immigration for a good two hours. I was smuggling in children from West...Oakland
  • Witnessed a car accident on my taxi ride to my apartment in Vancouver. Like, head-on-good-bye-tires-and-bumpers-type accident
  • Found out I'll be charged about a gazillion international fees for using my credit card in Canada
  • Met an amazing team of "support" that I look forward to growing with
  • Lost my apartment in NYC with a great roommate- so bummed that it can't happen
  • Met awesome New Yorkers where I might have another potential great roommate situation
  • Lost about $5 during my currency exchange. Trust me, I'm really upset about it
  • It snowed- enough said
  • My view is amazing- enough said
  • The team I'm a part of is beyond amazing, some of the hardest workers I know
  • Ate a ton of Cactus Club- apparently the equivalent to The Cheesecake Factory in America
  • Enjoyed an awesome prosciutto panini. I mean, really amazing. Like, I'll eat there every day amazing
  • The lights in my apartment have now made visible: the cellulite I've never seen and the non-toned body I've created which has led me to the gym on a regular basis
  • More gray hairs came in
  • Missing my friends and family dearly- along with my unlimited minutes and text messages...oh and access to my email, twitter and FB via my iPhone. Going crazy over here, no joke
  • Can't find any good-looking men as of yet. No fret, my mission is still on to find me a lovely Canadian lad
  • Wished I could live in this apartment forever- seriously, I wish you could witness the beautiful-ness of it. Hmm, I smell a video coming on
  • Do you guys want to meet my amazing co-workers? (BTW, hate that word. Let's call them ...co-stylish-employed-friendmates?
  • Wishing I could grab an In-N-Out burger or a Sac's dog... hardcore
  • Witnessed my first Canuck's win for the playoffs. Quite the noisy city when that happens. GO CANUCKS... (lol) (That's the hockey team btw)
  • All that being said, I haven't quite gotten control of my life. I'm really sorry if blogging has died down on my end. I'm not sure when it will be back to being consistent but it will, promise. Oh, another thing, there's an awesome fashion show going down in SF at the Art Institute. My friend Hannah is showing if I'm not mistaken and I couldn't be more excited for her. I'll post a link once I know more!

Heard it's sunny in California. Trust me, I'm fuming. Yo Van, any sign of sun yet?

Photos by mom

Speaking of which, I took really amazing photos before I left- obviously, no ombre' hair. However, none of them came out. This was the only one but really, quite the best.

thrifted yellow shell | thrifted accordion culottes | Moroccan tassel necklace | JS Dany's platforms

P.S. Happy birthday to some really awesome people including Miss Jennie of Going West!