Stripped down to where we started...

H&M column skirt | American Apparel lace shell | Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

We've come to the conclusion of my shedded layers. Let's see the process again shall we?

I started with 5 pieces and ended with two. The key? Find a commonality. Whether it be similar colors, same theme (black and white prints, nature shades, colorful prints), or whatever you're loving at the time, combine them so that they pull together seamlessly. Each layer should complete its' own separate look. If you put them all back on again, it completes a heavily understood look. Go from MAJOR to MINOR. Click here to see if from the beginning.

This last shedding was my favorite. We found this huge circle of eucalyptus trees with water droplets still on the ground and shreds of the trees lying about. It was serene and beautiful- something you'd imagine from a fantasy book. I wish you could of saw what was up above me. It was magical- you could lie in the middle and stay in the sky, watching the dew fall down from the sky. I swear, I should be married by now with all this romanticism going on. [wink wink].

Someone beat me to it! Little miss Erika of Style Activist planned a blogger meet-up at Ace Hotel on February 9th. Come join us-I promise, there's wine. Maybe some cheese, who knows?

Oh, did I mention that the store just had an update? 16 new pieces guys, SIXTEEN! GO, GO, GO!

Photography by Jay Adams