Oh, how I've enjoyed sharing this journey with you all, this mini journey. As most of you caught on, this was telling a story. There are so many ways this story could be told and I can't wait to hear what you've come up with. Would you like to hear how it all started? Listen up.

It started off as a hook-up, turned infatuation, turned love in the process of one day- morning to evening. If you noticed the progress of clothing removal...did anyone catch that? Here, let me show you. (Click images to view series)

First, notice the skirt and blazer.

Second, notice the removal of the blazer- down to the bare basics.

Lastly, notice I'm wearing sort of thrown on from the "jumble" of the day progression. (We'll just pretend I had tights in my clutch ha)

Now, as the story progressed on my blog, it turned from just a fictional story to a realistic turn of events. I decided to share with you the way a natural progression of falling in love happens- the way I view and see it. These pictures said enough to show true intimacy; deeper than anything you'd get from being physical. The story of two beings meeting and feeling that instant connection as it usually happens was an easy grasp to understand. We've all been there and done that. Then, the natural progression of falling into deep infatuation. You can't get enough from one another and all you want to do is be with this person. Yet, with infatuation, comes doubt and being scared of what happens next. Which is where we ended- LOVE.

Love isn't concrete as we all assume it to be. It sways from person to person, bringing us someone new if or when that should happen. However, when love happens, it's beyond beautiful. I've learned to embrace that. Instead of avoiding what I already know, I've grasped that understanding and rode along. Instead of feeling pessimistic and reluctant to the situation, I've learned to receive the love and indulge in it. I deserve to move on, I deserve to be happy and HE deserves the love I'm, now, willing to give.

Life isn't easy, for anyone. The one thing I've learned is that sharing with others is the easiest way to get through life. The experiences we endure, the changes we make in our lives and the trials we're tested with are perfect examples of what we should share with people who need or want to hear it. There's the old saying of, "We learn from our own mistakes", but I believe that sharing with people helps for future knowledge. Those little voices we hear sometimes when we know a situation isn't or IS right...that is our intuition. Don't you dare ignore it. That guy is one smart cookie, let me tell you. LISTEN.

So many of you have shared with me that this series (not just the mini-series) was something they needed to hear right at that moment. Honestly, those were blessed words to my ears. I hope to teach you all something, to prevent a heartache or mend one. I hope to learn something from all of you, every day. The stories I've heard since I started Love, Lust, Life have been the greatest lessons I've read. Keep sharing with me and to everyone who needs it.

With all my love.

I'd love to hear your story of what you thought happened during the mini-series. Please share- it will go up in my next LLL post if there's enough stories.