Before you guys freak out about the bitch in my office, check after the jump. :)
So my job as of lately has been keeping up with my blog and staying on track with what's going on in this lovely, crazy, beautiful world. I thought you guys would like an inside look of "my office." Fancy right?

My day-to-day USUALLY consists of:

getting up around 7:30AM and getting ready for the day ● I'm big on getting ready and putting on real clothes because it keeps me from staying in bed all day and being a bum ● make some coffee and normally avoid breakfast..I know, I know. I only eat breakfast though if I'm having company over or going out to get it ● work, work, work on the computer til' it's time for bed ● seriously, that's what I do on a regular work day..fitting food & water in there somewhere ● repeat the next day...

My co-workers aren't very productive but they are too adorable for words. Ella (the blue pitt) is kind of an emo, always moping around and wanting to cuddle which is totally against PS sexual harassment protocols. Satchmo (the boston) is a rude son-of-a-gun. He's always yelling and gets cranky if you get up from your "office" to get food. I should think about moving offices soon. (By the way, do you guys know where my dogs' names come from? I'll give you a hint. They were jazz musicians/singers).

thrifted shoulder pad cropped top | thrifted chunky sweater | random tights | H&M striped skirt | Dazed & Confused spectacles | Forever 21 hoop earrings

Tell me, what does your office look like? Do you work from home? What do you do to avoid getting antsy? Spill the beans!